Message from Anthony Dale, President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association

Now more than ever, the need for leadership development and change leadership to support Ontario’s evolving health care system is clear. COVID-19 took a heavy toll on our health care system and leaders. Now is the time to focus on supporting current leadership and developing the capacity of new hospital leaders and tomorrow’s emerging leaders as they address the many and varied challenges posed by a post-pandemic world. 

When the Ontario Hospital Association’s (OHA) board created a mandate to support leadership development and change leadership through a strategic alignment with Proximity Institute, it recognized the critical need to support emerging leaders looking to the horizon ahead. It’s crucial to equip them with the resilience, strategic foresight, and ability to adapt – often rapidly — into the future as they drive health system integration and create a better, more collaborative, and sustainable health system.  

As the name suggests, I believe the close affiliation Proximity Institute has to the OHA and its hospital members uniquely positions the Proximity team to truly understand and address the leadership priorities and issues that matter most. Proximity Institute represents an exciting new beginning for our current hospital leaders, the leaders of tomorrow, and our future health care system.

Anthony Dale
President and CEO
Ontario Hospital Association 


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