Prioritizing equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism (EDIAA) in Ontario hospitals​

Strategic insights are shared for reflection and to catalyze conversation.

In its ongoing disciplined analysis of public Ontario hospital strategic plans, Proximity looked at how hospitals are prioritizing and presenting equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism (EDIAA). ​

Trends in Ontario hospitals

  • The percentage of hospitals that have placed EDIAA prominently in their plans has doubled from 15% before the COVID-19 pandemic to 30% as of November 2021.​
  • There is a range of how EDIAA is incorporated within plans. Some hospitals have positioned EDIAA within one specific strategic priority such as patient experience, while others have woven EDIAA throughout the plan, embedding it across multiple priorities and into the DNA of the culture.​
  • The language and tone used to address EDIAA varies. While some hospitals celebrate the diversity of their staff, patients and community, others go further by calling out the trauma, barriers and challenges more explicitly, acknowledging and validating the lived experiences of staff, patients and community members.

Generating the conversation

  • Is EDIAA woven throughout your plan and sufficiently embedded across multiple priorities?
  • In the presentation of EDIAA in your plan, have you both validated what staff, patients and community members might be experiencing as well as conveyed leadership accountability, hopefulness and action?

These findings served as a catalyst for Proximity’s short film on accountable leadership. If you are an Ontario hospital CEO and would like access to the film, please contact Claire Hefferon Payne.​

About Proximity’s Strategic Plan Analysis

As an ongoing discipline, Proximity analyzes all published Ontario hospital strategic plans.

The exercise provides deep insight into leadership thinking and leadership voice expressed through strategic intention on priorities that matter most. Proximity can see each individual hospital strategic plan in an absolute sense, its construct and its content and compare an existing plan against a new plan to chart strategic evolution and change. Comparative analysis across all hospital plans illuminates trends, patterns and transformation sector wide, as do shifts in the use of language and the evolution of beliefs and values.

This rich analysis informs Proximity’s work on the priorities that matter most to Ontario hospital leaders. Strategic insights emanating from this analysis are shared with hospital leadership to catalyze discussion, exploration, reflection and action, and ultimately contribute to Proximity’s purpose of enabling effective leadership.

Please attribute to ©2022, Proximity Institute.


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